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Great Websites. Mindfully Created.

TheMindfulEdits specialize in web design. Creating a professional website that represents your business and/or brand. We standby our work and offer premium maintenance plans with each project to provide our clients with the best lifetime website support service

Our Services


Website Design

Responsive web design for your business, personal brand, product or blog. Whether you want to create a website from scratch or redesign your existing site, TheMindfulEdits offers multiple options to suit each clients needs

Services TME

Logo Design

Professional logo creation that illustrates your business in one image. Using your business name we go to the drawing board and custom tailor your brand to present you with a handful of logo choices

Organized and clean layout/supplies by TheMindfulEdits

UI/UX Design

Modern, clean, functional user interface/user experience and responsive web design tested and tailored to work seamlessly across any desktop, tablet, or mobile device

We offer Responsive Web management which is the platform that recommends that the design and development of your website react to the users screen size, stage, and flexible layouts to attract the visitor to use your website. 🖥💻📲

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Don't take our word for it. See what others are saying.

TheMindfulEdits was prompt and professional in creating my website. I created my website a while back and it was a single page site. TME redesigned my entire layout so that there were multiple pages for my clients to view, organized all the information I provided in their designated pages, created a section where clients can directly contact me, and set me up with a professional email. Highly recommend TME!
Usman was more than receptive to emails and was extremely easy to work with. He's more than willing to help create a website that works for YOU, and I am so happy I went with him instead of trying to build it myself. 10/10
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